Sunday, May 22, 2005

Elsewhere Today...

My review of three books on "the wired revolution--then, now and beyond" can be found in print or on line at the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review.


Bruce Abramson said...


Thanks for taking the time to review the book. I'm particularly pleased that you found my writing clear. Writing technical material for a general audience is a lot like preparing a lecture or pitching a project: You spend a lot of time agonizing over the background you can assume people have and trying to keep the tone casual and accessible. Then you hold your breath and hope that you've guessed correctly.

I think that information economy issues can be a lot of fun. I'm only sorry that we've excluded so many people by burying the fun under a ton of jargon. If I help a handful of readers dig through the jargon to reclaim the fun and excitement of the 90s tech sector, I will have succeeded in (at least part of) what I set out to do.

Thanks again,

-Bruce Abramson

Kristi van Riet said...

John Thackara, my partner, is on the road but asked me to let you know how chuffed he is with your review. He says thanks.

Anonymous said...

I see you have mentioned jargon in your blog. I have a jargon web site that seeks to decode all sorts of jargon. Can you help add a section? Great write up on your blog - keep us informed and lets bsut the jargon.