Sunday, February 13, 2005

THE BIG BANG: The Origin of the Universe by Simon Singh

is reviewed by William S. Kowinski in the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review of February 13, 2005. Here's the link. The review links back to this blog.


josh narins said...

When I heard Singh's presentation on C-SPAN, I couldn't help but notice his early emphasis on Lemetre.

It almost seemed like an indirect plug for Intelligent Design(ID).

I also noticed he said "light is a wave." Does he say anything so science-stupid in the book? I'm guessing not.

Captain Future said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't recall anything directly to do with ID in the book. As for scientific errors, John Gribbin says there are several, in his review in the Independent (Feb. 27). I'm not sure comments support html, but here's the link: